Success Stories

 Written by past students and clients:

“I first met Pamela Tatum over one year ago, right after breaking up with someone that I loved deeply, but realized it was a toxic relationship. This was someone who kept cheating on me and for some reason, I kept going back to him! I signed up for a one month coaching program, and found Pamela to have a level of insight on relationships that I have never experienced before with other counselors. She taught me about the law of attraction and also showed me how my words and my thoughts were affecting my life and relationships in a profound way. I would recommend her for any kind of counseling but especially “love relationships”…she is kind, compassionate, intelligent, with years of experience. A real expert and professional in her field. I have never been tempted to go back to that toxic relationship that I had struggled with for many many years. For that alone, I am very thankful…but I can apply those same principles to every aspect of my life. More than worth the time and money!!  Thank you Pamela!!!  You honestly changed my life!”

Dolores H.  Port Orange, FL

“Pamela’s Law of Attraction classes were life altering. I attribute many of the positive changes I made in my life and especially finding and marrying my perfect partner to the work I did with Pamela. I got so many practical life lessons. I still have pieces of paper taped to my mirrors with insightful things she said that affected me. Pamela was very generous with her time and was always available to answer any of our questions outside class. I just can’t say enough great things about her. Her classes were so important that I still re-read my notes and the handouts to refresh my memory and continue to practice what I learned. Again, thanks to her classes, I attracted and married my perfect partner (and this was after years of dating the wrong men!) What she teaches really works!
Teresa, V.  ~Melbourne, FL

“I got so much wisdom from my coaching with Pamela. She helped me to open to my soul mate and attract what I truly wanted in a partner rather than settling for okay which is what I had done in the past in my relationships.”
Arianne, T. ~Ottawa, Canada

“I just want to thank you for coaching through an extremely important phase of my life. It’s not over yet, but looking back these past few months I realize how much I’ve grown. And that the box I had worked my way into was way more restrictive than I ever let on to myself. You were like a beacon of light guiding me home, Pamela. What’s more, you held that space even when I would get scared and lose faith. I have healed myself with your support and because of that, I’ve manifested a whole new level of being in the world that has re-connected me with my life’s work in a way that I had never seen before. I am so very grateful for being in the Now, where all joy and fulfillment are present. Thank you Pamela of the Shining Heart!”
I. Samsara  ~Mt. Dora, Florida

“Through Pamela’s Law of Attraction course, I was able to let go of many of the beliefs that were holding me back from having what I want in my life. I wasn’t even aware of most of them. Pamela’s unique teachings helped me to see what my actions betrayed about my beliefs and then consciously choose to shift them. Now I am attracting more money and success into my life in ways I never dreamed possible. I think the most important thing Pamela teaches is the tools needed to shift so that once you learn these things, you can really apply them in every area of your life and see results.”
S. Willard ~Orlando, FL

“I was impressed by Pamela’s ability to change my thinking in one session. I felt as though I would never meet anyone, that I would be alone forever. Pamela changed my thinking from total pessimism to KNOWING that I was worthy and would attract my partner effortlessly. Literally within 24 hours of our first session, I had a date with someone that I’m not in a long term loving relationship with.
C. Lange ~ Atlanta, GA

“In one session, you helped me changed my entire thinking about love. I am seeing a whole world of possibilities and feeling my soul mate does exist after all. I look forward to more work with you.”
Derrek C., Lake Mary, FL

“Pamela was more than a coach; she was a guide, a mentor and a teacher. She helped me get in touch with my unique gifts—stop hiding them—and understand that it was my responsibility to share them with the world—and with a partner.”
Blair H ~Winter Park, FL

“The Sacred Sex course that my husband and I attended with Pamela was one of the best things we have done for our marriage in 10 years. It was fun and taught us how to be sensual again! Thank you!”
P. and B. Cornell, Orlando,  FL

“I was having major communication issues with my husband. Pamela helped me to understand my own role and how just by changing myself, I could change the entire dynamic in my relationship. It worked and my communication in my marriage has never been better.”
Rhonda S., Greensboro, NC

“Pamela, I loved your astrological compatibility reading. Seconds into reading I could not help myself from saying “wow!” because you put into words so many things I had been thinking and feeling about my partner without even knowing her. As an open but skeptical person that was important because it got me to pay attention to the rest of the wonderful insights in the report which have served as a very useful tool in navigating my relationship. Relationships are like a journey into a mysterious and exciting country and your report is a very useful, interesting and fun-to-read map of that country of love we travel.”
Diego, P ~Orlando, FL

“I have greatly enjoyed working with Pamela over the past six months. During this time she has guided me in a way which led me to follow my heart and pursue a path that is authentic to me. She keeps my actions consistent with my desires and calls me out when I am off course. Through this work I have been able to uncover my true desires in my career path and what I truly want and need in a partner. Pamela is very committed to me as a client and works well beyond our session. She is always well prepared when we meet, and I feel like I have a true teammate who is always on my side. I enjoy working with Pamela and wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone who is interested in investing in themselves, whether to find their soul mate or their life path. She changed my life in both these areas.”
Bill C, Orlando, FL

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