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Letting Go of Resistance

“What we resist, persists” so the mystics tell us!  Here is what to do instead…
In my last newsletter I wrote about abundance and suggested some ways of shifting into the feeling of abundance, which is essential for creating abundance in life.  During conversations with a clients who read my newsletter, I realized that some people may be confusing “shifting” into this feeling or that feeling with “resisting” or denying what they are feeling.  Resisting or denying is not, however, productive at all.  Anything that we resist persists so all the mystical teachings tell us (and experience confirms.)  
Resisting actually causes problems for us because it puts us in a state of conflict.  (I will write more about denial specifically in another newsletter but it’s pretty much the same in that denial is resisting, yes?)  When we instead enter into a peaceful relationship with whatever we’re resisting, we can be open to resolution.  This is true no matter what it is you’re resisting: the demands of your boss, the desires of your spouse, your child’s attitude.  It doesn’t matter what you are resisting, if you are resisting it, it’s going to cause you problems.
Though the process is the same whatever we may be inclined to resist, we’re going to talk here about feelings and thoughts coming up that are not what we want.  Rather than resisting them, trying to push them away, getting upset at ourself for having them, thinking we’ve done something wrong, we just get into a softer space of allowing.  If we allow them, and let them inform us, we can learn what we need to learn. Then from that place of willingness, we will be open to shifting into alignment with what we truly want. 
Here’s an example:  Imagine a woman is intending prosperity and she finds herself worrying about how she will pay her mortgage at the end of the month.  Rather than “resist” the feeling of worry, she has to start from the place of acceptance.  Accepting that she “feels worry,” she can then step into witness mode and allow her feeling of worry to inform her.  As witness, she might notice that she has just $1200 in her bank account and her mortgage is more than that and due in less than two weeks.  So she can learn from this that it is her willingness to give into the so-called evidence that is causing her worry.  Then, she can assure herself that there is no need to draw a conclusion that she doesn’t want here.  Staying open to the many possibilities of how the situation might resolve allows her to move back into a feeling of abundance.  She can begin to notice again all that she has in her life and how abundant she really is.  Even noticing the abundance in the universe, the air we breathe is limitless, the trees and the flowers we can see and smell are everywhere for us to enjoy.  
Notice in the example that the woman started with acceptance and moved gently back into alignment with her intention of abundance.  There is no scolding, no chastising, no upset with the self.  There is true acceptance of where one is, then a witnessing, and a gentle conversation from a place of willingness (not willfulness) which brings one back into alignment.
So take time to be open to whatever shows up for you.  Have the willingness to learn from your feelings and thoughts that you don’t want.  Don’t resist them.  At the same time, don’t give in to them, and spend the day focusing on them.  Enter into a friendly conversation with them and become the witness.  From this place, you can move back into alignment with what you truly want.
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