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Problems Are Not Really Problems But Opportunities

In the Law of Attraction, there is a saying that “the problem and the solution are the same thing.”And when we resist anything, we will soon find ourselves feeling as though we have a problem. But if we accept the notion that the problem and the solution are essentially the same thing, we can stop resisting when we perceive a problem and open ourselves up to learn from it instead.  Becasue the truth is that when we resist the problem, we also resist the solution.
We could even reframe our “so-called” problems as a “challenges” or “as opportunities to learn and grow.”  We can write this off as just a semantic shift, but it has been proven that the language we use shapes our lives and defines aspects of our culture.  So shifting our language, does shift our perception, beliefs and hence our reality.  When we take this softer stance, we allow the solution to reveal itself to us as effortlessly as we open our eyes from a dream.
From the moment a situation presents itself that poses as a “problem,” decide that it’s not a problem but an opportunity to hear the message, the lesson, something important that the Universe is revealing to you.  So instead of wanting to “get rid of it,” accept it, sit down with it, pay attention to it in the way you would pay attention to a wonderful teacher.  Become open and teachable.  You can only do this if you are not being willful, resistant or denying the challenge.
Six Simple Steps for Understanding the Message and Discovering the Solution to any challenge:

1)  Face the situation. Accept it as it is. Don’t resist it. (This does not imply you like it or want it to continue.)
2)  Be still and suspend all judgments and conclusions
3) Open yourself up to non-local information about the problem.  This comes from your Higher Self and the Field.  Just be open to receive.
4) Refrain from going into fear, blame or anger (either at yourself or anyone else), doubt or anything else that you don’t want to feel.
5) Allow yourself to be totally open to seeing how this situation actually reveals to you some important information you wouldn’t have discovered without it.
6) Surrender to the Solution.  How to proceed or handle this challenge should now be clear to you.
Be patient.  After doing this process, if you feel you haven’t received the “solution,” know that you did receive the information and then release all concern about it, resting in the knowledge that you DO know.  Then as the next day or so unfolds, the solution will be clear to you.
Use this six-step process for any “challenge” that comes up and you will see how easily the insights come when you get friendly with your challenges rather than resisting them.  And in this friendliness comes the seamless shift to discovery and resolution.
Remember it doesn’t have to be a monumental challenge either.   Start practicing with the small stuff and then you’ll be able to handle the big stuff with equal ease.
Good luck and let me know how this works for you after you try this technique.  Share your comment on this in the omments section below.

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