Trusing Your Inner Guidance

In my Law of Attraction courses, I teach a lot about learning to trust that everything is on track for our receiving what we most want.   The secret to mastering trust in the unfolding of our lives comes from learning to trust ourselves.  To learn to trust ourselves, we have to have a practice that allows us to tune in, to quiet our mind enough so that we can actually hear our inner guidance.   After we hear it, then we must trust what we receive. When we disregard that voice inside that knows, we are not trusting ourselves.

I see it so often in my work: people know but they don’t listen. They ask, “Should I marry this man?  I’m just not sure.”  Or “Should I take this job?” The answer is in the asking.  There must be a voice saying, “no”, or they wouldn’t be questioning moving forward in the relationship or the job.  If we are saying YES to a partner, it should be a resounding yes that we say with all our heart and soul, not a “yes” tinged with hesitancy that is really a “no” that we won’t allow ourselves to acknowledge.  There is always that little voice inside you that knows.  When we get in confusion about anything, it’s because we are not tuned into that voice.  Sometimes it’s just that we really don’t want to acknowledge the truth that we know.  This is the denial of our inner voice.   Other times it may be that we just won’t be quiet enough to hear it.

Our sixth sense is real, and can naturally perceive and know things that our logical minds cannot.  It is that aspect of your soul that is connected to the Field, the Divine, that is privy to all sorts of information and resources that you in your particle self are not.  This voice will guide you to your heart’s desire, it will forewarn you, but you can only hear it if you are taking the time to listen.

The key is to practice meditation or quiet reflective time daily to tune into that guidance on a regular basis and then listen to it every time.  Using a heart meditation is very effective since being in our heart makes us more connected and more open to receive guidance.  The more you practice meditation and/or quiet reflection, the easier it will be to tune in and receive guidance not just while you’re in meditation but all the time.  And the more you learn to trust your inner voice and guidance, the clearer the messages from your intuitive self become.


As you sit to meditate focus on the breath.  Inhale and exhale deeply for a few breaths.  Allow your shoulders to relax away from your ears.  Relax your jaw and your tongue.  Start to breath imagining the breath coming in through the third chakra, located at the upper abdomen (solar plexus) and feel any tension there.  Exhale, imagining the breath coming out throught the heart chakra–located in the center of the breast bone–opening the heart.  Keep that focus on the breath, inhaling each time feeling any tension in your third chakra and on the exhale, releasing the tension and imagining the heart chakra opening more and more with each exhale.  As you do this meditation you should be able to open your heart and get into a state of love and compassion.  Once you’re in this state, allow answers and guidance to emerge naturally.  You may, if you wish, begin your meditation by asking for guidance if there is something specific you are wanting to be clear about.

In my own life, I was guided to my husband, the love of my life, because I asked, “What’s next?” when I was closing my business years ago.  The answer was “medical sales,” something I had no background in at all.  But I knew to listen to the guidance and went onto Career Builder applied for four jobs, interviewed for three, got job offers from two, one of which was my husband, who knew immediately I was the love of his life.  We had only had one phone conversation and he knew that he had to hire me.  His assistant tried to get him to consider the many applicants with medical background.  But he interviewed no one else for the position.  He was attuned and listening to his inner guidance too.  Within two months of working together, we were together!   It was not about “the job” as I only did that for a short time before I began my coaching training.  It was about the Divine leading both of us to each other.

You will be astounded at how powerful it is and what you can manifest with effortless effort when you live this way.  It is this that truly allows us to listen and hear our inner voice and guidance.  If you regularly sit with this simple meditation, you will become attuned to all sorts of information that you would otherwise miss.  You will at times not know exactly why you have to a particular place or avoid a particular person.  You will just know.  When we live attuned to our inner voice and trusting our inner guidance, everything becomes easier.  We can more easily attract what we need into our lives and live with more peace and joy.  We stay out of confusion and indecisiveness because we know how to tune in and listen.

My challenge for you is to do this heart meditation every day for a month and watch your connection to your own inner guidance increase.  Watch as you begin to trust your own inner voice more and more.  I guarantee you won’t want to stop after 30 days.

The Field really is on our side; all we have to do is tune in and listen!

Have a wonderful amazing week!

Love and blessings,


Radical Self Trust

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” Goethe

“When I’m trusting and being myself… everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously. ~Shakti Gawain

Today’s topic is one dear to my heart because it took me so many years to get to the point of trusting myself–and even now, some days I revert back to trusting others over myself.  I’ve written before about taking radical responsibility for our lives–how everything that shows up is revealing who we are being in the world.  These two–radical responsibility and radical self trust are intimately connected.  When we take radical responsibility for everything that shows up in our experience, we also must trust ourselves completely.  

One of my students asked the other night how we can distinguish between our higher self speaking to us during meditation and some other voice.  Another student then offered that when she used to run in marathon training, she would get into a zone–not unlike meditation–and all sorts of answers to various “problems” in her life would come to her.  And she would recognize these things as exactly what she needed.

This student’s experience is a great example of how information can come to us when we quiet our mind in some form of meditation.  Her experience also suggests that when we get information from our Higher Self in meditation or in everyday life, we will often recognize it as such.  But that is not always the case.  Sometimes what comes to us may make no logical sense to us at all, but we just have to trust that if it came during meditation and we were looking for an answer, it is coming from our Higher Self.  “Ask and thou shalt receive.”

When we receive information during meditation and when we are asking form guidance, we need to follow it–even if it seems crazy to our logical mind.  Years ago when I was closing my business and not sure of my “next step,” I asked for guidance to come to me during my morning meditation and I got a very specific answer: “Medical Sales.”  I looked upward and asked, “Say WHAT?”  I had no medical background and had in fact never considered a career in any medical field.  However, I had learned to trust what comes in meditation as indeed information from the Divine or my Higher Self (whatever one wishes to call it).

It was through listening to that information that I applied for a job with the man who is now my husband.  I worked with him for a couple of years–it was not really “the job” that my Higher Self was leading me to however–it was something much greater–my soul mate and the love of my life.

Start today to ask your Higher Self for guidance. Before you sit down to meditate or go on that five mile run, ask that you receive what you need to know regarding whatever you’re struggling with or whatever you need a little guidance on.
And then listen and trust what comes.

There is another important component of Radical Self Trust, so more next week on this important topic.

Until then, love your self and your life, every moment!

Love and blessings,


A Meditation to Access Divine Guidance

Sit in a comfortable seated position… You may want to use a pillow underneath you to help keep your spine straight. i.e., Easy Pose (crossed legged position) or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh).  The neck lock just means not leaning your head back, but having your chin slightly tucked in.

The eyes are closed, looking upwards into the third eye point. Center yourself with three deep inhalations and exhalations (or by chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo if you are a Kundalini lover like me and know this powerful tuning in chant).  Have your hands upon your knees in gyan mudra, meaning fingertips and thumbs touching.

Begin to breathe from the deepest place in your diaphragm.  Inhale and bring the breath and energy all the way up through the body to your crown chakra, the top of the head, then exhale and imagine the breath and energy out through the heart.  Continue to breathe and with each exhale, imagine the heart opening a little more.  Set the intention that this meditation will bring you the Divine guidance you are seeking.

Once you feel completely relaxed begin to chant this mantra:

“GURU GURU WAHE GURU”  (the “R” sound in GURU is more like a “D.”  And “Wahe” is pronounced Wa-hay.

This is the mantra of ecstasy…  It is not translatable, but elevates the spirit and connects you to the Divine.

Do the meditation for 3 minute to 31 minutes.

To end, inhale, hold for 5-10 seconds, then exhale and relax.

This mantra brings a meditative peace, mental and physical relaxation and protection to the self. It also channels healing energy and connects you to your Higher Self and Divine guidance, gives you assistance and protection.

Miracles can happen.

Meditation to Access Divine Guidance

One of the many gifts of meditation is that if you ask for guidance or simply set the intention to receive guidance during your meditation, you will receive it.  There are a few important points to understand about this process:

We have our conscious, logical, thinking mind, and then we have our unconscious, emotional, non-rational mind, but we also have what’s been called our Higher Self or our Spiritual Self.  Remember that is the part of you that is privy to all sorts of information, knowledge, and understanding–that non-local stuff, including intuition, that Divine guidance is made of–that your local, particle self (physical body) and conscious mind (the little self) isn’t aware of.

Some people have never heard–or at least not recognized–their Higher Self/Spiritual Self and thus have not been able to access the divine guidance and intuition that comes from that source.  Divine guidance is that voice inside your head that says, “Don’t go out with him.”  But you might ignore it and go anyway because you’re not attuened to recognizing that voice so may write it off as something else.
By meditating regularly, you naturally become more attunded to your intuition and more open to receiving divine guidance.

In meditation, you can use the thinking mind to open the heart, to get into an accepting, loving, appreciative, compassionate and healing state of mind.  And from that place you feel, and then face and accept, the tension in the body (in the chakras) that comes form the reactive non-rational unconscious mind.  Only after that tension is cleared can you start to hear the voice of the Higher Self and the Divine guidance it has to offer.

Remember that you can’t solve a problem from the level of the problem.  When you’re going on about your problems and all the stories behind them, you are at the level of the problem. You have to step outside of the problem, let go of all resistance to and willfulness about the problem.  Refrain from believing you already know everything that it’s about but also, refrain from feeling “I don’t know.”  There is a magical place in between, a knowing that you do know while at the same time, recognizing that it’s your Higher Self that knows (much more than this knowing your conscious mind and ego supposedly have) and that’s where the real truth, the real gold is going to come.

Approach meditation with this knowledge and with the intention to clear the reactivity and resistance enough to be able to hear your Higher Self giving you Divine guidance, to be able to hear the voice that will tell you what you need to do next (in any staging area of your life).  It will show you your evolved possibility of the future and will tell you what your next step is along that path.

Ask yourself what’s the last bit of divine guidance that you received?  When did Divine guidance lead you in a right direction?  If you’re not hearing your higher self and feeling led by divine guidance, maybe you’re shutting it out?  You can do a meditation and simply ask yourself what you need to do to be open to that guidance.

Next time I will give you a meditation that you can use specifically to access your Higher Self and Divine guidance.
Love and blessings,


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