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This stuff really works

I have been so engrossed in living life and living passionately that I haven’t sent out a newsletter in some time. I want to share with you my own manifestation story to inspire you to follow your heart and your dreams.

Many of you know how much I love to paint. Well it seemed the more energy I put into teaching my Law of Attraction courses, the more my art took off. Applying all the techniques I teach is very powerful: this stuff really works! I have sold more paintings since November than I did the previous three years combined!

So as my art has taken off, I have been spending more time on my art and facilitating online programs rather than teaching the live courses that I love so much but that take so much time and energy.

It has meant so much to me to see my own dream of being an artist manifest. I have always been a teacher. That was easy for me. But even though I have always been artistic, I had many doubts that I was an artist or could actually be a working artist. l had lots of doubts along the way.

I think living my dream teaching Law of Attraction really helped me because as I teach the concepts and techniques, I am constantly reminded to practice what I teach. It has always been important to me to live my own teachings as best I can. How can i expect my students to do things if I’m not willing to be disciplined myself.

So it’s through this work, applying all that I know about LOA, that I have been able to manifest my artistic vision. I am thrilled to say that this stuff really works!

So if you have a dream you’re trying to manifest, whether it be attracting the love of your life or anything else, I invite you to use the LOA techniques for 90 days and watch how your life begins to change. Keep going after the 90 days! And of course that will be easy since you will be convinced at that point that this DOES work to change your reality.

I would invite you also to invest in one of my programs; this will give you many LOA secrets and tips to apply every day to speed up the process. If you invest in yourself and practice the techniques I teach in these programs, you will see shifts in your life as the universe shifts to correspond to the new you.

I am available for one-on-one coaching and my courses are all available online. You can purchase the course by itself or along with coaching. I would love to work with you and help you manifest your dreams, too.

Love and blessings to you all and thank you all for appreciating the work I do. It is dear to my heart and so are you all!


Dealing with the Fear Monster

In my last post, I wrote about How to Live an Extraordinary Life.  This could serve as part two because not dealing with our fears will definitely prevent us from living an extraordinary life.   If we don’t deal with our fears and learn how to release them, we cannot attract what we desire or be the best version of ourselves.  Fear not only causes us to be stuck but causes all sorts of havoc in our lives, just as it does on the planet when people are acting out of fear rather than love.

After years of working with some very successful people, it seems clear that everyone–and I mean everyone (okay, except maybe the Dalai Lama)—has fears.  I have seen two main strands over and over:  One, a fear of not being worthy of love, or success, or (fill in the blank), and two, of not being capable of having love, money (again, fill in the blank).  I have worked with highly successful people who felt they were somehow frauds in their careers-even though they had worked long and hard and achieved recognition from their peers for their accomplishments.  I have worked with people who had so much to offer in a relationship, and yet they had a nagging fear that they would never attract their soul mate.  At a deep level, they felt unworthy of love.

I struggle with fears myself, and have days when the negative voice in my head is saying, “Who are you to be doing this work?”  “You don’t have a perfect relationship, so how can you advise others?”  Questions of “are we good enough” can plague us and stop us in our tracks.  Fear can literally keeping us from having the relationship, the career, the income, the lifestyle, whatever it is we desire.

Unacknowledged fears are the most debilitating because if we don’t know we have them, we can’t do anything about them. These are the fears that cause us to go on and on not accomplishing what we want and never having a clue as to why.  At least if we know we have a fear, we have a place to start.  It’s a given though that if you are not doing something or accomplishing something that deep in your heart you want to do, there is fear there.  That means you need to slow down and pay attention to your breath, and just begin a dialogue with yourself. Ask yourself why you aren’t taking that creative writing class or committing to taking your writing seriously when you have wanted to be a writer your whole life… or whatever it is, ASK and you will become aware of the fear.  And that’s the first step.

whether they be related to relationship, career, income, living your passion, or just signing up for that voice lesson you’ve always wanted to take.

#1:  GO INTO THE MOUTH OF THE DRAGON: Accept your fears rather than denying them or trying to distract yourself from hearing the critical voices or feeling the fear–distracting ourselves is how addictions begin.  There’s a saying,“That which we resist, persists”  or how Yogi Bhajan put it: “We have to go into the mouth of the dragon.”

#2:  REMEMBER WHO’S BOSS:  That critical voice inside your head that questions your worthiness and/or capabilities is just one part of yourself, and not the authority.  It is the untamed mind, and it will go all sorts of crazy-making places.  Choose to give authority to the non-local* part of you that recognizes your greatness, your gifts, your beauty, your intelligence, your creativity, etc.  (*Non-local is in the part of you connected to the infinite.)

#3:  DO IT ANYWAY:  If it’s fear about doing something JUST DO IT, in spite of your fear. Once you do it–whatever it is–the fear will lessen and eventually dissipate. I recently heard yet another brilliant and successful actor say she was terrified of a particular role so she knew she had to do it.

#4:  LET THEM VISIT BUT NOT MOVE IN AND RUN THE HOUSEHOLD:  Let your fears have their voice, and then thank them for the visit and let them know it is time to leave now.  Then move your attention to the “other” voices and feelings you have.  Let the non-local you have a platform too:  “I am beautiful and talented woman who deserves…”  We have fear when we are not aware of who we really are, when we are not knowing and owning our connection to Spirit.

#5:  HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH THEM:  Write down your fears when they arise and meditate on the why of it.  I recently was feeling some fears about my dedication to my coaching business.  When I explored the why, I realized that I was afraid of getting so busy coaching and teaching that I wouldn’t have time to paint–which is one of my passions.  Solution:  I reworked my calendar and dedicated specific time each week to painting.

#6:  CHOOSE TO LIVE CONNECTED: When the fear voices or feelings come, just accept them as part and parcel of the limited mind and then move into a higher state of awareness, connected to spirit.  The YOU who can become the observer to the limited mind has an unlimited awareness. So forget trying to “overcome” your fears or even to “transcend” them.  Completely accept them as what happens in the limited mind, that mind that the great Osho says is a coward.  Then shift into your higher self, where you are connected to spirit and feel your limitlessness, your expansion beyond the limited mind.

# 7:  GO INTO THE BODY:  Often our fears cause a knot in our stomach or a tenseness there or somewhere else in your body.  Sometimes, you may not be aware that there is a body sense to your fear. But there always is.  The body doesn’t lie, as they say.  It’s a good idea to  slow down and pay close attention to what’s happening in your body when your fears arise.   Where do you feel the tension?  Settle yourself into a resting or meditation posture, and just begin to breathe, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your nose.  Pay attention to the sensations in the body and also focus on the breath.  Continue for 5 minutes.

I have a specific technique which I adapted from chakra-healing work that my husband, John Tatum, MD, developed.  Practice just what I’ve shared here and you’ll be ready for the rest next week.

Until then, Empower LOVE in your life,


Next week I will post for you a proven technique to use when a specific fear arises, or if you’re not accomplishing what you want and want to uncover the underlying fear.



Living Up to Your Desires

It’s an often overlooked but profound truth that we don’t get what we wish for, pray for or desire (if we did, we’d all be wealthy, healthy and owe no taxes) but instead, we get who we are.  This is why visualizing and chanting affirmations don’t work in and of themselves.  Some people chant all day and visualize all night and create nothing than more of what they don’t.  This happens because what we create is about who we are, which is not always in alignment with what we’re chanting and visualizing.

It’s possible that repeating affirmations and visualizing could be a place to start when someone is not yet ready to have a shift.  Some people may not be able to go directly to source:  their consciousness.  They may need a little help in their journey toward becoming the person who is willing to have whatever it is they want.  Ultimately, however, when you’re wanting something, you have to have the shift in consciousness and truly inhabit a new identity in order to create it.  Sometimes this happens very naturally: we are ready to become the next best version of ourselves and we just ease into it.  We wake up one day and things are different.  We have become someone new.  Other times, we have to consciously make a shift to change, to become that next version of ourselves even when there is a pull backward to our old self, to old behaviors and beliefs.

This new version of ourselves requires something of us, and the question is always, “Are we ready to live up to what it required of us?”  If it doesn’t happen naturally, we have to make conscious choices about who we are being.  We have to be willing to give some things up. In fact, we have to be ready to let the old version of ourselves die in order to be reborn.  For example, if someone wants a wonderful relationship, they have to be willing to give up the relationship that is not fulfilling their needs.  They have to give up the version of themselves that was willing to be in the unfulfilling relationship and become the version of self not willing to settle for anything less than their hearts desire.  Or to have the bond with our current partner that we want, we may have to give up the need to be right and realize harmony in the relationship is more important.  There is always something required of us when we desire something new in our lives.

Creating our reality is always about who we are; it’s never about the world.  If we take care of about own inner reality, the world will take care of itself and us too.  Using the Law of Attraction principles and techniques, we can consciously intend what we want.  We can examine who we’ve been in the past and the payoffs we’ve been receiving.  Then, we can choose who we want to be.  We can choose to let go of old beliefs and old payoffs that no longer serve us.  We are free to choose the next best version of ourselves anytime, so long as we are willing to live up to what we want which requires the death of the old self and rebirth of the new.

As the new year approaches, rather than making that list of resolutions–that usually go unattended to after the first month–why not decide what you want and then think about what is required of you.  Ask yourself if you are willing to do what is required.  Are you willing to give up what you need to give up?  Then you can make real commitments to shifting into the person who has what it is you desire.  Knowing what the universe requires of  us sometimes will make us reconsider our desires.  But if it’s something we truly want and that is indeed “ours,”  we can often shift effortlessly when we realize the beautiful payoff of being aligned with what our heart desires and thus having it!

Love and blessings,


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