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This stuff really works

I have been so engrossed in living life and living passionately that I haven’t sent out a newsletter in some time. I want to share with you my own manifestation story to inspire you to follow your heart and your dreams.

Many of you know how much I love to paint. Well it seemed the more energy I put into teaching my Law of Attraction courses, the more my art took off. Applying all the techniques I teach is very powerful: this stuff really works! I have sold more paintings since November than I did the previous three years combined!

So as my art has taken off, I have been spending more time on my art and facilitating online programs rather than teaching the live courses that I love so much but that take so much time and energy.

It has meant so much to me to see my own dream of being an artist manifest. I have always been a teacher. That was easy for me. But even though I have always been artistic, I had many doubts that I was an artist or could actually be a working artist. l had lots of doubts along the way.

I think living my dream teaching Law of Attraction really helped me because as I teach the concepts and techniques, I am constantly reminded to practice what I teach. It has always been important to me to live my own teachings as best I can. How can i expect my students to do things if I’m not willing to be disciplined myself.

So it’s through this work, applying all that I know about LOA, that I have been able to manifest my artistic vision. I am thrilled to say that this stuff really works!

So if you have a dream you’re trying to manifest, whether it be attracting the love of your life or anything else, I invite you to use the LOA techniques for 90 days and watch how your life begins to change. Keep going after the 90 days! And of course that will be easy since you will be convinced at that point that this DOES work to change your reality.

I would invite you also to invest in one of my programs; this will give you many LOA secrets and tips to apply every day to speed up the process. If you invest in yourself and practice the techniques I teach in these programs, you will see shifts in your life as the universe shifts to correspond to the new you.

I am available for one-on-one coaching and my courses are all available online. You can purchase the course by itself or along with coaching. I would love to work with you and help you manifest your dreams, too.

Love and blessings to you all and thank you all for appreciating the work I do. It is dear to my heart and so are you all!


Loving Yourself–Imperfections and All

“If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.”

“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.
– Louise L. Hay.

What does loving ourselves have to do with the Law of Attraction?  Everything, really, if we want love, success and happiness in our lives, it all starts with loving who we are.   This has been said so many times it has almost lost meaning for us.  But it is true that we must be able to find love within and for ourselves if we are to find love with another, have great relationships with our friends and family, and even to find ourselves in careers we love.  Everything really starts with loving who we are.

We have been so bombarded with media images of what’s sexy and attractive and what success means, that most of us at some level long to be something other than who we are.  We have been conditioned to see our imperfections and how we don’t measure up to the rich and famous.  This can become problematic when people secretly dislike themselves as they long for the perfect figure, perfect hair, perfect career, or perfect whatever.  Longing to be someone else or have a different life keeps us stuck where we are and unhappy.  Nothing positive can happen from this place.  However,  if we release all the desires to be someone else and love and accept who we are, we give ourselves the opportunity to blossom.

Acceptance and loving who we are allows us a safe environment for changing and growing.  We can’t change or grow from a negative, self loathing place or even a longing place.  We have to accept and love and then allow ourselves to become more of who we really are.  It’s like a child who is loved and nurtured can grow and blossom beautifully, but one who is constantly criticized and scolded shuts down and internalizes that anger and frustration at not being good enough.

As we struggle to love ourselves, it helps to grasp that it is our imperfections that make us perfect.  You are perfectly YOU, like no one else ever created.

I read an article about famous photographer who has photographed many of the world’s most famous beauties, including Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren.  He said that the most beautiful discovery he made when he photographed these beauties was realizing their imperfections.  That is what he would try to capture on film, their imperfections and vulnerability.  He did not try to give the illusion of perfection.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all learn to see our imperfections as our most beautiful parts!  What a concept.

My spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan used to say, “The difference between you and me is that I love my faults.”  He said that we should not run from those parts of ourselves but learn to appreciate them.  It is only through acceptance and genuine appreciation that we can ever let go of something in ourselves that we wish to change.  As the adage states: “That which we resist persists.”  It is through appreciating all parts of ourselves that we can have total self love and thus really be open to loving another.  As another teacher of mine said once when I was studying acting, “The critic can never be creative.”  It’s good to remember that when we are busy criticizing ourselves, we are also stifling our creative energy, whether it’s energy for a project or for our lover or partner.

For the next week, try to find the beauty in your imperfections.  Try to find the parts of you that are flawed and see how they make you uniquely and perfectly you, vulnerable and beautiful.  See how loving these parts of yourself allow you to be a better lover and more accepting of your partner, your friends, everyone.  You may also notice how you become more attractive to others as you love and accept yourself.

I would love to hear from you about your struggle or your successes in this endeavor to love yourself, warts and all.   Leave a comment.

Have a wonderful week!

Love and blessings~


Begin at the end

A coach that I worked with a few years ago encouraged me to make a list of 25 things I had accomplished in the past year.  It was interesting that the first things that came to my mind were things I hadn’t finished or even started.  But as I got quiet and really thought about the year, many things I had accomplished began to surface.

I had finished a coaching program, designed my website, started my newsletter and gone on an amazing spiritual retreat with my husband.  Once I began to look at what I had accomplished, it was easy to see more.  I also had things on my list like, cultivating my friendships, taking sailing classes and chartering a sailboat in the Caribbean.  I realized that our accomplishments in life are about more than our to-do list.  Our accomplishments also include taking the time to love people and have fun.  Sometimes our most important accomplishments are those that were not on our goal list at the first of the year.  Life is much more organic and to experience it fully, we must we open to Divine Guidance.

Now, at the end of each year, I take the time to do this exercise.  Then I take the time to meditate on my vision for the coming year.  I try to imagine and feel those things I know I want to accomplish.  Then I let myself be open to that Divine Guidance, to see what might come to me that I hadn’t already been planning.  And finally as I begin to live the year, I let the Divine or whatever we want to call the creative energy that so magically orchestrates this universe, guide me so that ultimately, I am led by something greater than my own individual vision.  When we co-create with the Divine, our lives open up in ways that we might not have ever dreamed of on our own.

With all your final to-do lists for the holiday, find some time before the new year to make your list of the 25 things you accomplished in 2012.  Acknowledge yourself for things big and small; sometimes our greatest accomplishments are all the small things that add up.   Then it will be time to start thinking about what the new year brings.

For me, I see myself continuing to evolve my live and online LOA and coaching programs.  And to evolve in my new (ad)venture with my husband of helping people through combining neurofeedback and LOA coaching.  For my art this year, my goal also is to paint a lot and from a deep and joyful place.

Happy Holidays everyone and I hope this year brings you all the love and joy your hearts can hold!

Love and blessings~




Trusing Your Inner Guidance

In my Law of Attraction courses, I teach a lot about learning to trust that everything is on track for our receiving what we most want.   The secret to mastering trust in the unfolding of our lives comes from learning to trust ourselves.  To learn to trust ourselves, we have to have a practice that allows us to tune in, to quiet our mind enough so that we can actually hear our inner guidance.   After we hear it, then we must trust what we receive. When we disregard that voice inside that knows, we are not trusting ourselves.

I see it so often in my work: people know but they don’t listen. They ask, “Should I marry this man?  I’m just not sure.”  Or “Should I take this job?” The answer is in the asking.  There must be a voice saying, “no”, or they wouldn’t be questioning moving forward in the relationship or the job.  If we are saying YES to a partner, it should be a resounding yes that we say with all our heart and soul, not a “yes” tinged with hesitancy that is really a “no” that we won’t allow ourselves to acknowledge.  There is always that little voice inside you that knows.  When we get in confusion about anything, it’s because we are not tuned into that voice.  Sometimes it’s just that we really don’t want to acknowledge the truth that we know.  This is the denial of our inner voice.   Other times it may be that we just won’t be quiet enough to hear it.

Our sixth sense is real, and can naturally perceive and know things that our logical minds cannot.  It is that aspect of your soul that is connected to the Field, the Divine, that is privy to all sorts of information and resources that you in your particle self are not.  This voice will guide you to your heart’s desire, it will forewarn you, but you can only hear it if you are taking the time to listen.

The key is to practice meditation or quiet reflective time daily to tune into that guidance on a regular basis and then listen to it every time.  Using a heart meditation is very effective since being in our heart makes us more connected and more open to receive guidance.  The more you practice meditation and/or quiet reflection, the easier it will be to tune in and receive guidance not just while you’re in meditation but all the time.  And the more you learn to trust your inner voice and guidance, the clearer the messages from your intuitive self become.


As you sit to meditate focus on the breath.  Inhale and exhale deeply for a few breaths.  Allow your shoulders to relax away from your ears.  Relax your jaw and your tongue.  Start to breath imagining the breath coming in through the third chakra, located at the upper abdomen (solar plexus) and feel any tension there.  Exhale, imagining the breath coming out throught the heart chakra–located in the center of the breast bone–opening the heart.  Keep that focus on the breath, inhaling each time feeling any tension in your third chakra and on the exhale, releasing the tension and imagining the heart chakra opening more and more with each exhale.  As you do this meditation you should be able to open your heart and get into a state of love and compassion.  Once you’re in this state, allow answers and guidance to emerge naturally.  You may, if you wish, begin your meditation by asking for guidance if there is something specific you are wanting to be clear about.

In my own life, I was guided to my husband, the love of my life, because I asked, “What’s next?” when I was closing my business years ago.  The answer was “medical sales,” something I had no background in at all.  But I knew to listen to the guidance and went onto Career Builder applied for four jobs, interviewed for three, got job offers from two, one of which was my husband, who knew immediately I was the love of his life.  We had only had one phone conversation and he knew that he had to hire me.  His assistant tried to get him to consider the many applicants with medical background.  But he interviewed no one else for the position.  He was attuned and listening to his inner guidance too.  Within two months of working together, we were together!   It was not about “the job” as I only did that for a short time before I began my coaching training.  It was about the Divine leading both of us to each other.

You will be astounded at how powerful it is and what you can manifest with effortless effort when you live this way.  It is this that truly allows us to listen and hear our inner voice and guidance.  If you regularly sit with this simple meditation, you will become attuned to all sorts of information that you would otherwise miss.  You will at times not know exactly why you have to a particular place or avoid a particular person.  You will just know.  When we live attuned to our inner voice and trusting our inner guidance, everything becomes easier.  We can more easily attract what we need into our lives and live with more peace and joy.  We stay out of confusion and indecisiveness because we know how to tune in and listen.

My challenge for you is to do this heart meditation every day for a month and watch your connection to your own inner guidance increase.  Watch as you begin to trust your own inner voice more and more.  I guarantee you won’t want to stop after 30 days.

The Field really is on our side; all we have to do is tune in and listen!

Have a wonderful amazing week!

Love and blessings,


Important Relationship Tips

There are two parts to this newsletter:  Part One contains tips for people who already have a relationship but are looking for ways to improve it and Part Two is for those who are not in a relationship but want to attract their perfect partner.

If your relationship is one you treasure and are happy you’re in, congratulations!  If you are like me, you are always open to new ideas and ways that you can make your already good relationship great or great relationship even more wonderful.  So here are three simple tips, and I guarantee you that you will improve the quality of your relationship if you do them–or even start with one of them.

1)   Ask yourself very regularly what you could do to improve the quality of your relationship.  Rather than focusing on what you want, what you need, what you aren’t getting enough of, focus on the other person and ask, What can I do to be a better partner, lover, wife, husband, etc.

2)  Every night take a few minutes to imagine anything that represents to you having a wonderful relationship or an even more wonderful relationship if you already have a great one (everything can always be better, right!?).  Just let your imagination go and get into the feelings of having an amazing relationship.  Go to sleep with these thoughts and feelings.

3)  If there are problems–or a problem area–in your relationship–be sure you do tips 1 and 2 also, but also take time each morning to lie in bed just after you wake up and imagine a relationship in which those specifics that you are not happy with do not exist.  Project yourself into the future with your partner and imagine that these things are no longer part of the dynamic.  Let your imagination go and get into the feelings of those negatives no longer being there.  How does it feel?  Relish in it.  Get lost in the feelings of happiness at being in a relationship that has more of what you want and no longer has the hurtful or frustrating parts.


In a culture where we’ve been spoon fed instant gratification, it’s easy to want to find a partner quickly, too.  People search the Internet, attend networking groups, and even go to the supermarket in search for Mr./Ms Right.  What most people don’t realize is that there is a way to have that instant gratification of the perfect partner right now, without ever logging on to the Internet or searching anywhere–except inside their own heart.

Here are three tips to help you in manifesting your perfect partner.

1)  Be willing to accept the primary principle of the Law of Attraction, which is very simply that you can have anything you want as long as you have to already have it. It’s a paradox like everything that seems to be profoundly true about our universe.  But there is a way to already have it:  you have to have it in consciousness.   So here’s what you can do:  Imagine that you have the perfect partner and what that would feel like.  Really get lost in how that would feel and what that would look like.  Then, keep your focus and concern on your own inner world, imagining that you do already have it.  
Live from this place.  (BTW: I teach many techniques about HOW to do this in my courses.)

2)  Stop Looking!  I recently read a quotation somewhere that said, “I never met anyone who found their perfect partner when they were looking.”  What this really implies is that you have to release your grip on your desire.  Concern yourself with YOU.  Work on yourself and making yourself the very best you can be.  Completely release the “looking” part; leave that up to the Universe.  Know that the Field/Universe/God will bring you your perfect partner in perfect time, while at the same time, feeling it is already done (that was Tip #1, right!?).

3)  Fall in love with yourself and your life; have a love affair with yourself.  Do the things that bring you joy.  When you are in a state of love and joy, that’s what you attract.

Good luck with these.  Let me know your thoughts by posting a comment.  Or if you have other things that have worked for you, I would love to hear them.  Share them below in the comments.  And if you have any questions, post those, too.  I am happy to answer them–or try to anyways!

Have a wonderful amazing week.

Love and blessings,

Are you trusting yourself? Radical Self-Trust Part 2

“This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meaness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain all!  Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture, still, treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in.  Be grateful for whomever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” ~Rumi

Last week I wrote about radical self-trust in terms of learning to trust the voice and the guidance within. Trusting yourself really is an essential part of radical responsibility.  

The other important aspect of radical self-trust is trusting that everything that shows up in our lives is there to inform us, to teach us, and to help move us toward more of who we really are. 

How different would our lives be if we would just embrace our worries, doubts, fears and frustrations as teachers there to inform us of what our next step is?  If we listen to what they are saying to us rather than trying to banish them, we can then learn from them, thank them and release them, and move into the next best version of ourselves.  This is so much easier than fighting with them and trying to exile them.  

When we radically trust ourselves, we see every experience in our lives an important part of the natural unfolding of ourselves toward our highest good.  The truth is that our most painful experiences are often the most necessary in terms of our learning and growing toward the ultimate fulfillment of who we really are.

Take the time to look to any worries, fears, or doubts and any painful experience as messengers with important information.   Sit with them in meditation, ask your higher self for guidance and allow yourself to receive what you need from whatever you’re going through.  Any psychological state that we don’t want to be in has its gift if we simply befriend it rather than pushing it away.  Staying receptive and befriending whatever we’re feeling, will allow us to hear what it has to say.  Only then can we release it and move forward with the insight we have gained.

Why not take a vow of radical self-trust right now?  Decide to have faith in all of your experiences and trust even the painful states of mind you may find yourself in.  Befriend all that comes your way as a beloved teacher.  From this place of radical self-trust, you will find that you can move through anything more quickly, easily and gracefully.  And we gain so much more from accepting rather than fighting whatever it is that shows up in our lives.

Love and blessings,


Problems Are Not Really Problems But Opportunities

In the Law of Attraction, there is a saying that “the problem and the solution are the same thing.”And when we resist anything, we will soon find ourselves feeling as though we have a problem. But if we accept the notion that the problem and the solution are essentially the same thing, we can stop resisting when we perceive a problem and open ourselves up to learn from it instead.  Becasue the truth is that when we resist the problem, we also resist the solution.
We could even reframe our “so-called” problems as a “challenges” or “as opportunities to learn and grow.”  We can write this off as just a semantic shift, but it has been proven that the language we use shapes our lives and defines aspects of our culture.  So shifting our language, does shift our perception, beliefs and hence our reality.  When we take this softer stance, we allow the solution to reveal itself to us as effortlessly as we open our eyes from a dream.
From the moment a situation presents itself that poses as a “problem,” decide that it’s not a problem but an opportunity to hear the message, the lesson, something important that the Universe is revealing to you.  So instead of wanting to “get rid of it,” accept it, sit down with it, pay attention to it in the way you would pay attention to a wonderful teacher.  Become open and teachable.  You can only do this if you are not being willful, resistant or denying the challenge.
Six Simple Steps for Understanding the Message and Discovering the Solution to any challenge:

1)  Face the situation. Accept it as it is. Don’t resist it. (This does not imply you like it or want it to continue.)
2)  Be still and suspend all judgments and conclusions
3) Open yourself up to non-local information about the problem.  This comes from your Higher Self and the Field.  Just be open to receive.
4) Refrain from going into fear, blame or anger (either at yourself or anyone else), doubt or anything else that you don’t want to feel.
5) Allow yourself to be totally open to seeing how this situation actually reveals to you some important information you wouldn’t have discovered without it.
6) Surrender to the Solution.  How to proceed or handle this challenge should now be clear to you.
Be patient.  After doing this process, if you feel you haven’t received the “solution,” know that you did receive the information and then release all concern about it, resting in the knowledge that you DO know.  Then as the next day or so unfolds, the solution will be clear to you.
Use this six-step process for any “challenge” that comes up and you will see how easily the insights come when you get friendly with your challenges rather than resisting them.  And in this friendliness comes the seamless shift to discovery and resolution.
Remember it doesn’t have to be a monumental challenge either.   Start practicing with the small stuff and then you’ll be able to handle the big stuff with equal ease.
Good luck and let me know how this works for you after you try this technique.  Share your comment on this in the omments section below.

Letting Go of Resistance

“What we resist, persists” so the mystics tell us!  Here is what to do instead…
In my last newsletter I wrote about abundance and suggested some ways of shifting into the feeling of abundance, which is essential for creating abundance in life.  During conversations with a clients who read my newsletter, I realized that some people may be confusing “shifting” into this feeling or that feeling with “resisting” or denying what they are feeling.  Resisting or denying is not, however, productive at all.  Anything that we resist persists so all the mystical teachings tell us (and experience confirms.)  
Resisting actually causes problems for us because it puts us in a state of conflict.  (I will write more about denial specifically in another newsletter but it’s pretty much the same in that denial is resisting, yes?)  When we instead enter into a peaceful relationship with whatever we’re resisting, we can be open to resolution.  This is true no matter what it is you’re resisting: the demands of your boss, the desires of your spouse, your child’s attitude.  It doesn’t matter what you are resisting, if you are resisting it, it’s going to cause you problems.
Though the process is the same whatever we may be inclined to resist, we’re going to talk here about feelings and thoughts coming up that are not what we want.  Rather than resisting them, trying to push them away, getting upset at ourself for having them, thinking we’ve done something wrong, we just get into a softer space of allowing.  If we allow them, and let them inform us, we can learn what we need to learn. Then from that place of willingness, we will be open to shifting into alignment with what we truly want. 
Here’s an example:  Imagine a woman is intending prosperity and she finds herself worrying about how she will pay her mortgage at the end of the month.  Rather than “resist” the feeling of worry, she has to start from the place of acceptance.  Accepting that she “feels worry,” she can then step into witness mode and allow her feeling of worry to inform her.  As witness, she might notice that she has just $1200 in her bank account and her mortgage is more than that and due in less than two weeks.  So she can learn from this that it is her willingness to give into the so-called evidence that is causing her worry.  Then, she can assure herself that there is no need to draw a conclusion that she doesn’t want here.  Staying open to the many possibilities of how the situation might resolve allows her to move back into a feeling of abundance.  She can begin to notice again all that she has in her life and how abundant she really is.  Even noticing the abundance in the universe, the air we breathe is limitless, the trees and the flowers we can see and smell are everywhere for us to enjoy.  
Notice in the example that the woman started with acceptance and moved gently back into alignment with her intention of abundance.  There is no scolding, no chastising, no upset with the self.  There is true acceptance of where one is, then a witnessing, and a gentle conversation from a place of willingness (not willfulness) which brings one back into alignment.
So take time to be open to whatever shows up for you.  Have the willingness to learn from your feelings and thoughts that you don’t want.  Don’t resist them.  At the same time, don’t give in to them, and spend the day focusing on them.  Enter into a friendly conversation with them and become the witness.  From this place, you can move back into alignment with what you truly want.
SPECIAL NOTE:  You are here on this planet to be in a state of love, peace, joy and prosperity.  You have a unique purpose on this planet and you are here fulfill that purpose and to SHINE in the process!  My Law of Attraction course is designed to help you in ALL of these areas.  If you could use more joy, peace, prosperity and love in your life, enroll in one of my courses today!  I have a live course offered in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and an online course that gives you email access to me with questions at any time during your study.  I also offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring programs that give you intense study in whatever staging area(s) of your life you would like to improve.  This work is my passion and my heart and I would be honored to share it with you and assist you on your journey to opening to more of who you are here to be!
Love and blessings,
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Wealth and Abundance for All

I have many clients come to my work interested in creating abundance or wealth in their lives.  It’s the staging area, next to relationships, that people I work with struggle in the most.  I’ve gone through my own struggles in this area.  One of the most important things we can do is begin to recognize what we are believing around money and wealth.  What was operating for me for a long time was the belief that I had to do something I didn’t love to make lots of money.  So certainly this was fulfilling itself in my life. I was able to make lots of money while I was doing work that was not my heart’s desire but the moment I tried to do what I loved, the money stopped flowing.

It takes shifting out of those self-limiting beliefs to change what we are creating.  And remember it’s not important to even know when or why you adopted the limiting belief. Shifting it is a choice we can consciously make any time we choose.

One common limiting belief that I hear from clients is that some people are destined to have money, while others are not.  And they give in to the notion that they themselves are not one of the lucky ones with a destiny of wealth.

In the consciousness as cause model we learn in studying the Law of Attraction principles, we have to accept radical responsibility for what shows up our my lives. Our beliefs and intentions are what are creating our reality, and they are our own choice.  Now that doesn’t take anything away from the mysteries of the universe and the fact that ultimately we co-create with the Field.  We are, still, the creators with the Field working through us its magic of creation.

A new more empowering belief is that we can choose to believe in our prosperity at any time and it is our beliefs, not our “destiny” that are determining and creating our reality.

Another common belief is that it’s selfish or greedy to desire wealth and prosperity.  But in reality, the desire for wealth is a very normal way human beings seek more life.  Just as flower seeds dropped into the earth spring into growth, sprouting up into buds and eventually blooming, for us to seek the capacity for a larger life and more fulfillment, whether monetarily, creatively or whatever, is what we are here for.  Wealth is one avenue that can allow us more creative expression of who we are.

If prosperity in any form is something you struggle with, take some time this week to consider any limiting beliefs you may have about money, wealth or abundance.  Decide to replace them with an empowering beliefs that will plant the seed of abundance in you.

Take some time also to begin to notice and be grateful for all the abundance, the unlimited supply, in the universe.  You have plenty of air to breathe, plenty of food to eat.  Begin to deeply appreciate all the wealth and abundance you already possess.

As you replace old beliefs with empowering ones and step into the consciousness of gratefulness, you will begin identifying with the feeling of abundance.  Let your consciousness become one of an abundant person.  Feel that with every part of your being.  Remember that it is not conditions in the outer world we are concerned with.  It’s the inner fulfillment.  A billionaire can have a miser mentality and feel a sense that there is never enough.  A person of little means can feel the meal in front of him is a king’s feast.  Don’t be swayed by any factual events in your life.  Let your inner world be one of abundance and see what shifts for you.

Love and blessings!


What Freedom Really Means

Happy Independence Day!

Freedom is a huge topic and we talk all the time about “freedom from debt” the “freedom that money brings” and “freedom of choice”  and hundreds of other freedom related ideas.  The most important and maybe even only real freedom we have is the freedom to choose what we believe about ourselves and the world.  Since it’s impossible to control the actions of others and even our own actions stem from what we believe, it is essential to be vigilant about what we choose to believe about ourselves and everything around us.  In our freedom to believe, we simply say “yes” or “no” choosing wisely what to give ourselves to.  We have to say “no” to what is not our best version of self.  Like shedding an old skin, we can shed old versions of ourselves that no longer serve us.  It requires saying “no” to the old payoffs that allow us to stay stuck in old and now unfulfilling ways of being in the world.  By doing this and staying aligned with our new version of self, we are saying “yes” to who we want to be and what we most want in the world.

Then after we say “yes,”  we have to remain married to that ideal.  Rather than looking around drawing conclusions that are not in alignment with our new self, we have to say “yes” to our own creative authority.  Refusing to take the evidence at hand as “reality” when it’s not what we want is saying YES to our own authority and then resting in the peace and fulfillment that is ours in that.  Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose what we to believe.  Don’t draw a conclusion unless it is one you want. Stay poised in the perfect unfolding of what you most desire.  When we choose empowering beliefs and remain uncontradicted in them, we shift our consciousness.  And with that shift comes a self that responds in new ways, acts in accordance with the chosen reality.  This allows the mysteries of the universe to bring us the ways and means of a reality in accordance with our new self.  Saying “yes” to what we want and staying true to that ideal in consciousness, insures us of a reality of that which we desire or something better.  When we willingly let go of the “old self,” we allow the new self to emerge effortlessly and bring us all that our heart desires.  And we do this all by choosing what to believe.

Exert your freedom today.  Choose what you will believe.

And speaking of beliefs, I have created a course to help you discover what your limiting beliefs are and shift into a greater version of yourself by accessing your own inner authority.  Read on for more info.

I hope that you will come join me for this powerful course: Law of Attraction: Using the LOA To Manifest What You Want in Every Area of Your Life.  I guarantee it will ROCK YOUR WORLD.

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