freedom to choose

What Freedom Really Means

Happy Independence Day!

Freedom is a huge topic and we talk all the time about “freedom from debt” the “freedom that money brings” and “freedom of choice”  and hundreds of other freedom related ideas.  The most important and maybe even only real freedom we have is the freedom to choose what we believe about ourselves and the world.  Since it’s impossible to control the actions of others and even our own actions stem from what we believe, it is essential to be vigilant about what we choose to believe about ourselves and everything around us.  In our freedom to believe, we simply say “yes” or “no” choosing wisely what to give ourselves to.  We have to say “no” to what is not our best version of self.  Like shedding an old skin, we can shed old versions of ourselves that no longer serve us.  It requires saying “no” to the old payoffs that allow us to stay stuck in old and now unfulfilling ways of being in the world.  By doing this and staying aligned with our new version of self, we are saying “yes” to who we want to be and what we most want in the world.

Then after we say “yes,”  we have to remain married to that ideal.  Rather than looking around drawing conclusions that are not in alignment with our new self, we have to say “yes” to our own creative authority.  Refusing to take the evidence at hand as “reality” when it’s not what we want is saying YES to our own authority and then resting in the peace and fulfillment that is ours in that.  Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose what we to believe.  Don’t draw a conclusion unless it is one you want. Stay poised in the perfect unfolding of what you most desire.  When we choose empowering beliefs and remain uncontradicted in them, we shift our consciousness.  And with that shift comes a self that responds in new ways, acts in accordance with the chosen reality.  This allows the mysteries of the universe to bring us the ways and means of a reality in accordance with our new self.  Saying “yes” to what we want and staying true to that ideal in consciousness, insures us of a reality of that which we desire or something better.  When we willingly let go of the “old self,” we allow the new self to emerge effortlessly and bring us all that our heart desires.  And we do this all by choosing what to believe.

Exert your freedom today.  Choose what you will believe.

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