Pamela has helped women and men across the world open their hearts, heal their wounds, and transform their lives to manifest their soul mate.  She is a Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach and a master Law of Attraction teacher and trainer.  She is also a fine artist who paints cityscapes and portraits in oils.Certified Coach Training Alliance

Pamela and JohnHi, I’m Pamela and I’m a romantic. Basically that means that I’ve always believed in the magic of true love. But for a long time, the relationship I dreamed  of having eluded me. In fact, I felt like a total failure in the relationship area of my life. I had a great career, made lots of money, traveled the world, and  had wonderful friends. But the romantic relationship area of my life was a train wreck. Several failed relationships, a failed marriage, and devastated at  another excruciating breakup, somethin’ had to give. I was ready to give up altogether and swear off relationships for good. But a voice inside me said, “You can’t give up; never give up. You were meant to master the relationship thing.”

So the short version is, I did the work.

I embarked on an incredible inner journey that took me from relationship books, to mentors and coaches, to working personally with yoga guru the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, and even lived in India for a year. I was also mentored for a few years by a master Law of Attraction/Consciousness as Cause teacher. My mission in life became to master love and relationship, to get it right and understand at a very deep level what was holding me back from having what I had always wanted and known that I was capable of having.

I reached my goal: I mastered this thing called love.

Proof? I attracted, John, the love of my life – better known to the world at large as the “amazing Dr. Tatum.” (You will see him there next to me in the photo up top.) He is the most wonderful partner and husband. Never in all of my dreaming, longing and imagining did I ever have an inkling how perfect my partner who would be.

This man who would love me so unconditionally, cherish me, be my best friend, lover, husband, my best supporter, my fan, and without a doubt the most cherished person in my life. I never really understood what it meant to have a partner like that until it was a reality in my life. And once I did the work, it happened as if by magic.

Now when I say “perfect” it’s not that he’s perfect, it’s that he is perfect for me and We are perfect for each other.

What is so exciting is that the reality is soooo much better than anything I ever imagined, even when I thought I was imagining my “perfect partner.” So I am here to tell you, to teach you that the universe is even better than we are at knowing exactly what we need. John has exceeded every expectation, every longing, every dream that I ever had for my perfect partner. And I promise you, I am not exaggerating.

And that is why I am inspired, guided, delighted and thrilled to help others on this path.

I know that everyone is capable of having what they desire – and more – in the area of love and relationship. It’s simply a matter of doing the work necessary to become the person who has it. (Sounds simple…and it can be, with a little help from your love coach!)

So you can think of this website as your place to go for advice on love and relationship. And you can think of me as your love coach!

I am here to help you heal those places inside that have to be healed before you find the love that will truly fulfill you. I am here to help you understand and clear any limiting beliefs or identity intentions that you have that are preventing you from having the love of your life. I am here to help you become the very best version of yourself and have the relationship that will fulfill you on every level. My mission is to empower people to transform from the inside out so that they can experience the joy and happiness they desire in love.

Empowering YOU

I will facilitate your shifts in consciousness and peak experiences to help move you more quickly toward manifesting your perfect partner.

Your road may not be as long and laborious as mine if you have focused assistance from an expert! Through our creative collaboration, you will uncover the truth of your beliefs and how they may be limiting you and preventing you from having what you want. You will be able to recognize what’s standing in the way of the universe bringing you the love of your life. We will explore YOU in depth. Are you ready to know? I hope so, because you will never ever regret this work.

Every person is different, so we never know where this will go. We may explore many questions: Are you pushing too hard? Are you hiding yourself? Are you really open to love? Do you need more healing? Is there a truth you’re not telling yourself? And many more important questions that your own truth will lead us to. I am the facilitator; it is the gold in you that I will mine.

Whether you want to rekindle the love in your current relationship, find a new relationship, or break up with a partner, I can coach you through it. I will help you see more deeply into your own heart and manifest your deepest longing for love.

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Some of Pamela’s professional training, degrees and certifications:
Level 5 Paradigm Shift with Brian Ridgeway, 2012
Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification, 2008
Vipassana Meditation, Jessup, GA 2011
RHH B-School, 2011
Neuro-Linguistic Programing, 2008-2009
Coach Training Alliance, Certification, 2006
Law of Attraction Study with Masters, 2002-2005
Field Training, Philip Golabuk, 2001-2004
Kundalini Yoga Practitioner since 1996
White Tantric Yoga Studies, 1996-2003
Kundalini Yoga Certification, 1997-1998
MA, English Literature, University of Central Florida, 1993
BA, English Literature, minor Theater, University of Central Florida, 1987Pamela has taught transformation workshops, LOA courses, and various women’s courses since 2005 and has presented at numerous conferences and groups.

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