A Special Course for those who have the love they
have always wanted and want to keep it!

After Manifesting: How to Nurture and Grow the Love You’ve Found Rather than Destroying it

You have found love, or you feel it’s just around the corner.  BUT can you trust yourself to keep it?  Can you trust that you won’t revert back to those old fear-based patterns that ruin most all relationships, no matter how wonderful and romantic they begin?

Are you ready to commit to having the kind of relationship you deserve?  If so, this course will give you the tools to build on the foundation of attraction, respect and love that most all good relationships start out with.  More than half of marriages end in divorce and the statistic isn’t better but WORSE for second marriages.  People need help in how to navigate the waters after the new wears off and we all start to have FEARS.  If we aren’t careful, that beautiful “soul mate” we attracted becomes our latest EX.  And we are back to SQUARE ONE.

In this Course, you will learn

  • how to COMMUNICATE
  •  how to deal with your FEARS
  • how NOT to destroy your relationship
  • how to rebuild your relationship if it’s already painful
  • how to determine if it’s worth rebuilding
  • how to deal with your Dark Side
  • how to see your relationship as a SPIRITUAL PATH
  • how to hold on to the love and nurture it

We can give into our fear and our ego, or we can move beyond those and have a truly healthy, joyful relationship.

Let’s face it we all need help in the area of relationships; it’s the single most frustrating part of most people’s lives.

There are two choices for this amazing course AND BOTH are on sale now:

#1  In the Coach Supported Course, get 3 hours of one-on-one coaching with me during your six week course. You also receive unlimited email support during the course.  Regular Price: $647  NOW Just $397


#2  In the Independent Study Course, get free email support!  This means you can have specific questions answered regarding the material anytime during the six weeks.  Regular Price: $247  NOW Just $197

Coach Supported Course: $397
Independent Study W/ Email: $197

If you want to FINALLY experience the answers to having a happy, successful, joyful relationship that lasts, the one that you have always dreamed of… then register NOW! DON’T MISS OUT ON THIS AMAZING VALUE TO LEARN HOW TO PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE!


Coach Supported Course: $397
Independent Study W/ Email: $197

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